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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 9, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ if i need some help i'm not alone ♪ ♪ we're all tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ we've got a place that we call home ♪ ♪ we're all type e ♪ neil: more than a week, those 7 million new health care enrollees. why hasn't anyone in the media bothered to read that is the real story. not the numbers we have already proven are bogus. more than a week later complained mainstream media has not even bother to check. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. that is our top story tonight. it is almost as if they don't care or maybe they knew and adjust board. the nonpartisan research firm now estimates that 9 billion americans get insurance coverage since the affordable care act came to be. it sounds great. well, not quite. rand estimated that most of
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those who did join newly established exchanges were not insured. branded just as not quantify whatit means by most. so let's a 51%. i will be conservative. that's about for a half million who you technically cannot count as new enrollees because they had some form of prayer coverage . rand reports that employers cannot exchanges accounted for much of the rise in the newly covered. that is not the law doing that. that is regular, private office doing that. then there is the annoying issue of how many of these other enrollees are paying for their coverage. they have not paid a premium, are they really enrollees? technically no. this gets confusing. i deliberately left out that millions of americans had their plans canceled because, well, they did not meet the law's requirements. i also left off the 6 million low-income americans who enrolled in medicaid, whether because of the loft where folks
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simply transferring from another government insurance program to this one. even the rand folks cannot say. what i can say is an number of dead people signing up is well below what the administration needs to make this thing financially viable. right now those between ages 26 and 34 account for about 25 percent of all enrollees. you need nearly 40 percent of that people signing up to balance the higher medical claims expected from old friends like me. forget who is new and who is paying. more than 40 million americans the right now don't have any health care coverage and a good many of whom have already decided that they don't want coverage. then i want you to consider the cbo estimate that ten years from now 30 million americans still won't have coverage. so we abandoned our health care system as we know it for 30 million americans who still don't have any part in it and worse one nothing to do with it. and no one in the media thinks
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it's remotely important to reported. you wonder why i say i've had enough of it. these guys, getting an oversight over what is founder and paul mitchell hair products, one of the shrewdest political minds i know. gentlemen, welcome. john paul, to you first. the number can be interpreted any number of ways, but the bottom line is it is not going away the administration said. so leaving aside the politics, there is lot of focus on just the financial cost of this. is it worth it? >> you bet. >> you know, we are getting to be old fart spirited helpfully continue to be wiser. anyway, it is really disappointing. espanola of money from all over the united states of america on
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a program where 30 million uninsured, actually were uninsured. very, very disappointing. in fact, at john paul mitchell obviously we have a massive insurance policy that cost a few million. i can get out of it by giving the government $500,000, but i don't because we, the business of america do more for people and i think the government does. i am disappointed. or will thing about this that is very unfortunate, hopefully two groups will get together and change this obamacare. it is not just now. the age bracket 25 to 35, but going out several years of very small percentage will be involved and all which makes it that much more expensive for everybody else. this is not the right thing, not the american way. america to five let's get it working a little better. i love the fact that there are so many business people that are
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hiring people and creating jobs and insurance for them. neil: that dirty little secret in this is it is the economy. their building up the jobs now. and that is what is accounting for this change more than anything else. >> the most important thing the president could do would be to help grow the economy. i think not so affordable, not such good care act that he has imposed on everybody is having the opposite effect on the economy. it's introduced uncertainty and has caused people who are entrepreneurs and businessmen not to make decisions that they could make to build the business but instead to manage some health care system that they don't really in a stand. the role is confused. millions of americans are confused. in the meantime, we see numbers that don't reflect reality. the people who are moving into the affordable care act are not the ones that we thought would be moving in. as a result, it is actually not
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sound. those without insurance come as the private sector. bringing people into better care by having the competition work in the private sector. private exchange is not public exchange, for example. neil: the administration may not care. the administration might say, however it is being done it is being done. intimidating or embarrassing, you say what? >> what i say is this, with all due respect, maybe the president meant really well, his party meant really welcome everyone there may well. they are not business people. they left it up to others to do. became extremely wasteful. a few people that really need to get that insurance to millions -- these are people that needed and don't have it. tenement, washington says it's okay gigaflop. if you mean well it's okay. that's kid in there and show you how to make it right.
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and get together. don't 51 against the other. neil: i don't see that happening real quick. >> i now see it happening, but he's right. washington should get together and help solve the problem, but it won't happen unless the president says he is interested in solving the problem. the noble call to take people who did not have insurance in britain to a place where they have insurance was right to my good thing to do. a lot of the reform that came with this unaffordable care act was could perform. however, it is not working. the law of unintended consequence dominated the affordable care act. neil: gentlemen, thank you both for your perspective. the point of view on this. coming up, fair and balanced. both of these guys are really wrong. the health care law is a winner. guys like these guys are just wiener's. and then forget holding her in contempt. it's time to make los liner sank like a canary, not by schering
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the only way lous lerner will talk. now, another is likely to pass tomorrow. how about just giving the central irs figure immunity, just immunity right now? editor katie pavlik says no deal. why? >> i am a little bit skeptical about whether a deal would actually force lous lerner to cooperate. this is not simply just about her role of the irs. she has a long history of starting conservatives and republicans during her work. i'm not saying it's not a good plan, but i'm just a little bit skeptical about whether she is going to actually comply. neil: you could charger with contempt and all this other stuff. browbeat her into doing something. short of that, not talking to anyone but the irs investigators you must know things. the only way i think you can
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compel her to talk is to give her immunity so she won't be punished. i don't like it but is the only way i see this moving. >> it is definitely an option. the tea party group representative said earlier today on fox that he would be willing to negotiate a deal with lous lerner in exchange for testimony. this is going to die unless she is granted immunity. neil: on to that point, not a fan of this. i don't like granting her immunity. neediness and the but it is the only way we will get to the bottom of this bill is i don't trust the address investigating itself. it puts more power in the hands of investigators or outside players to get to the bottom of it. we have a much closer shot at getting answers than anything we're doing now. >> and the goal with immunity would be to get answers not only about what happened, but to see
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u.s. was involved and then to go after those people. that is the big question. if lous lerner was really that head honcho granting her immunity is not going to bring accountability. on the other hand, maybe she would give up those people and it will give congress more information about what happened in the ability to hold more of those people accountable. the goal from congress at this point has been to a gain of they can from e-mails. e-mails trail here is not damaging enough. some measure for criminal charges. they say that she has broken the law based on not her testimony but things she told the irs inspector general, congress. neil: based on e-mails without the person in question talking. i'm no lawyer. you know, law shows on tv. we will see. thank you very, very much. i appreciated, as always. coming up, how things in the
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♪ neil: its 71, 93. same deal. very confusing. anyway, here is what is not,
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health care coverage is picking up in this country. but republicans are only in the position of having to credit the surging economy, not the president's health care law. i suspect former obama top money gaius up irregardless. first of all, which is to take the credit for the pickup in coverage? >> first of all, you have the future as said jackie impersonator. neil: three people here got that. maybe kind of within a couple of decades of me. go ahead. >> look, on this, the report that came down the republicans are saying, the saints did not have as many people as you said. the democrats are saying, it shows the uninsured is down even more than we thought. now was a survey, like a public opinion survey. it is not as if that was administrative record. it is not as if it were the census data that comes out with a little bit of a lack.
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it. neil: you will except the good news in that. >> exactly. and i think that's fair. i think the good news about this is weather than argue about, well, which data are we looking at? we are going to find out when the census does the burro count, and i predict that we will see these changes. neil: you might be right. what i wonder is why the administration then would not take about for the economic forces that could be at play here. a lot of this might have more to do with the pickup in the economy and businesses having more wherewithal not allowed to cover workers but to hire more workers. >> look, that is an interesting and funny point. the people who are being critical of the health plan have to say, no, it has nothing to do with the affordable care act.
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because the economy is booming. i think the reason that the administration doesn't jump out in front of that is probably a lot of people suspect that when the real numbers, and it's going to be less on the employer side and more up through the asia changes. aggressive comeback. neil: i understand. when this was being cooked up if you knew back then and i suspect he did not, but that all of these pioneers gaggles of coverage for pre-existing conditions and lifting a lifetime caps of which is like peace and mother nature. we are all for that, but it sounds too good to be true. it usually is. it is certainly not free. with this have passed in the first place? >> i think it would. the main thing that we have gotten a surprise on was the rollout that for six weeks everything is worse than what the prediction is. if you look at enrollment it is way below. neil: you think it would have
11:21 pm
been better without that? >> sure. everybody. my friend, my view is always that -- neil: once you saw blood was going on. >> their i disagree with you in the sense that i think if you look at the data and you just move the thing six weeks it pretty much looks exactly like what the forecast was. it targets numbers. it. neil: well -- >> i think it was going pretty close to what was predicted. neil: you are teaching today out of there. >> say that again. neil: how are you covered? >> i am on the university plan. i go to the university. neil: taking care of. >> yeah. we have a good doctor. neil: by the way, hillary clinton becomes president. are you are treasury secretary? >> you can ask her that.
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see if she even knows my name. neil: if you are can i get the first to be? >> you can have it. in fact, if someone will name the treasury secretary i will send you a dollar bill. i am going to sign it for you. neil: always enjoyed having you. the number of illegals getting deported. just hit a five-year low. that gives the guy who wants to be the next governor of arizona one hell of an issue. ♪
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so ally bank really has no hthat's right, no hidd fees.nts? it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. neil: the 2 million number might be inflated, washington times reveal many of those deported
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include those caught at border and detorting a are lowest level they have been at in 5 years, former cold stone ceo turned arizona governor gubernatorial candidate. very good to have you. >> thank you. neil. good to be here. neil: do you believe this deportation overall 2 million figure since president assumeed office is it inflated? >> a fail of leadership of the obama administration, they are doe portining deports people, a poreous border and the security is an issue, this president has been in of fo -- it office for s and has done nothing about it. neil: sheriff from your own state saying they will round the
11:27 pm
illegals up and hand them over to ins, they are not giving them to mexico or wherever, then where are they going? >> that is the question, this is not just a matter of immigration and border security but national security. i'm for an all of the above approach, whether fencing, satellite, new technology, neil this is just one issue we're talking about during this governor's campaign. neil: i wonder if jeb bush and his comments on illegal immigration will come up in this race. that is familiar you to, but jeb bush on whole illegal immigration mess. >> someone comes to our country because they could not come legally, yes, they broke the law. but it is not a felony, it's an act of love. >> act of love. not a felony. >> i see it differently, sit hearing in arizona as a border
11:28 pm
state with the issues and incidents that are happening on our southern boarder and inside our state, i want to see border enforcement first. neil: do you think he got it right? or just clueless. >> now i'll let him speak for himself. i am hearing those comments for first time out of context, they didn't make sense to me seeing what i see here in arizona. neil: all right there is a great divide in the party, we have those who say, it is breaking the law, don't put a spin on it, paraphraseing, nene those -- then those like governor brush bush who said we need to reach out to latinos and alienateing is not the way to. go. >> this nation believes in rule much law, as somebody that is running for governor for arizona i have to be outspoken on what is going on inside our state and
11:29 pm
southern border, i'm reaching out to latinos and hess panics -- hispanics, no one in the state is happy with our economy, nobody is happy with k-12 education, that is a winning message for anyone runing on the republican side of ticket to reach to people of all different backgrounds and win their votes and see good public policy at the state level, that is what this campaign is about. neil: thank you doug ducey. >> thank you. neil: the mogul whose money every republican wants, especially if they are running for the white house or even thinking of it, shelton adelson has plenty of money, he is throwing a shindig at a restaurant -- just say this particular casino mogul has not. and don't exec him to any time
11:30 pm
soon, gare love man loves to keep folks guessing about his politics but not about his, he is more into wowing his customers than hob nobing with pole tigs, and rewarding employees, mr. love man, good to have you back. >> glad to be here. neil: do you feel tempted to get into this -- seems that something get into casino mogul blood, i have to weigh in on a race not you. >> does not temp me much. i am outspoken on issue that think are important to the country, the company and economic growth but not with respect to candidates, each of us has our own democratic voice on that, not my role to try to be dispractice portion athletey on that.
11:31 pm
>> to that end, casino industry, seen a mark turn, and i am wondering what is driving that one side could be improveing economy the other not improving economy what do you think? >> we have not seen so much a turn in gambling but we've seen a turn in visitation, las vegas, people are coming at a younger age and different reasons, my company billion investment not a single dollar on provision of gambling on new hotel renovations, and nightclubs, and restaurants. the age has dropped. neil: what is it now? >> now it is in average age in low 40s, as opposeed to high 40s or near 50, driven to a large degree by much younger
11:32 pm
people coming at a greater rate. neil: las vegas has really become a family destination, i wonder whether that continues. is there such a thing as over building in vegas, too many rooms. >> we've suffers from that, in period after the financial collapse and fall 2008, 15 billion dollars of new development came on-line in las vegas, at the time that the city could use it least. we really have been working our way out of this position in years since the worst of financial crisis. so, there was too much, now you have seen a real moderation, very little new capacity coming in to the city, that is what we need to heal. neil: when there is talk about hiking minimum wage, and affect a guy like you and casino industry, do you worry about it? is it something you endorse or what? >> we don't face a lot of minimum wage constraints, most of our employees are
11:33 pm
substantialy above, and we compete for quality of people that look after our guest. neil: it is heavily unionizeed, right? >> very heavily unionizeed particularly in food and tkpweufptguestservice. neil: do you ever worry, i know it cuts both ways on-line gambling, you could spread the wealth but also boomerang on traditional gambling as we know it at your operations? >> we're big pr proponents of on-line poker, if you go home, and you want to play poker, you are a good player you could either invite your buddies and have loud smelly visitors, and you are going to have a hard time getting them out. you can go on sight, site, find game you top play, skill level you want in a game observed and regulateed, that is a better experiencing, unfortunately
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federal law does not permit that widely in united states but it does permit illegal rogue offshore operators to provide that you to illegally, we've been working on -- to offer on-line, other casino games are less compeling on line offering, we're focused on poker. neil: gary thank you. >> good to be here, neil. neil: no wonder fights are breaking out in the ukraine parliament. some got their hand on the my name is jenny, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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and we're here to help start yours. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. neil: i just thought they were cutting back soldiers, down nuclear forces too. russia seems to go the other way is it really the right move about now? to captain who said not about cutting a budget but sending the worse message at the worse time to the worse guy, one of my
11:38 pm
favorite guests captain chuck nash, what does this involve? >> this is essentially the end stage of collapse i think of any resistance to a strong potential adversary ie, russia. they knew that russians were treating on the international forces treaty last june, they announced it, they don't want to make a big deal out of it in fear of offending the russians then we find out yesterday they are doing cuts to our nuclear arsenal 4 years ahead for when treaty calls for us, the timing could not be worse, and stuff we're cutting could not be worse. neil: what is that. >> we're cutting our submarine-based deterrent we have senators in those states trying to protect jobs in those districts, instead of taking
11:39 pm
those things out where everyone, god and everyone knows where the silos are, they are pretargeted, you cannot target the submarines it is most valuable and difficult to replace of the triad, but that is where we'll take the cuts to protect the jobs in states where silos are dug in the ground. neil: you say what? >> i say we're deck remeanting the most potent part of our pry triad and russians are renewing their wel elements. neil: russian argue just opposite, you say they you lying. >> they are, they have been caught, they tested three missiles in violation of
11:40 pm
treaties they have signed. at the same time putin has taken over crimea he is stageing faux riots in eastern ukraine with tens of thousands of troops onboarder, we're 4 years ahead of a treaty requirement, they are abgre gate -- in violation of two treaties, here we are taking the best of our triad down while they are modernizing. neil: at the wrong time real quick, i don't know if you had a chance to see, a fight broke out in ukrainian parliament, how real is it? between those loyal to russia versus those loyal to the ukraine. i always think if i'm vladimir putin i use this as an excuse to intervene, just bedlam takes s holshold in my former satellite. >> that is what they are stageing, he is looking for anic cruise, he will keep that
11:41 pm
ratcheted up, keep 1 tensions high, he is exacerbateing the whole thing, at some points he will flip a switch, troops will move in say we'll do it to restore that builty and bring peace back to -- thatability and bring peace back to eastern ukraine. neil: thank you captain. >> mine mine. neil: on a less serious much, all you taco beilin terns -- bell interns whineing that they stole your burrito taco idea,
11:42 pm
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neil: in biz blitz, word to the wise, if you need a good idea, you better get a lawyer, get it in writing fast, se taco beilin terns -- interns said they came up with the dea dorito shell. >> do you think i'm getting so much as a slice of pizza hut meat love are's pizza profits, live and learn. when can you capitalize on idea, and when you can't, charles, i don't think it will go further. >> let them sue, you are kidding
11:46 pm
me. they have their diagram from 20 years ago, why not. neil: are you a lawyer. >> no, but i should be. >> it looks like a hole road by the -- polaroid, they said they came up with the idea in '95, did it not come out three years ago. photoshop, barack obama is president. >> come on. >> remember "seinfeld," he comes up with a cologne, and calvin klein said, get out of here, that is a terrible idea. and then it is on market three weeks later, this is the life of a intern, things get stolen. neil: let's say this possible, the company said we had others who came up with this idea, including an in house worker unot a stretch to be there looking at all food you say, hey you know doritos that should be be good.
11:47 pm
>> you i was looking into this, there is a big controversy. last year, a guy named todd mills who passed away also came up with the idea in 2009, this has been going on for some time, i don't think that these interns have a case, the man who had passed away he did not ask for anything. if you have a good idea, get it in writing, they unfortunately i don't think they have a case. neil: demand a million duck -- bucks, short of that lunch for life. that would cost a billion bucks. >> i think they have a case, i think they should do it. i'm tell you. neil: okay. next subject. i don't know if big bank ceos are in to stuffed crust but they get swore stuffing their -- into
11:48 pm
stuffing their cash sheets. they want them to do it in case there a meltdown, government does not want to be on the hook. >> you know, nobody wants to be on hook for bank failures, i'm i'm sure, we have gone through this discussion over, if government is going to back the bank so be it. neil: you are against it? >> i think that capital requirements are good. neil: what do you think? >> she is right, whens poop hits fan, government is still coming in regardless of whatever -- >> whatever they set aside in a fast market condition it evaporates. >> number is never going to be big enough, i still like the idea. neil: jared? >> is washington ever going to follow their own advice and reduce their budget. neil: thank you, thank you.
11:49 pm
why did they not so the aside money for rainy day, a good points. >> it reminds me of a $30,000 millionaire in dallas, they make 40 thousand a year they spend like they are millionaires, it is good for a couple of years, they are stuck with nothing, taking bus without a job. i don't want americans to end up that way. neil: we are there. >> we are. >> the reason that i think that banks should have capital apartment they would trade their mother if they knew how to make a profit with her. neil: a free lunch. >> they would. >> it you imagine. >> the other thing, nobody is lending money it is going to give them excuse to say, we have these new capital requirements. neil: they should have more of a cushion they are not like any
11:50 pm
other type of a company, they -- we are beholden to them, and their financial stability have a little bit more sit aside. >> a little bit more aside is good but there is that theories over preparation versus under preparation, a fine line, you don't want to go too far because then you hamstring them. neil: a matter of time, will it avoid another problem or is that you know, hey we should do this now, a lot more? >> i think there is a small possibility i agree banks should have a good capital reverve, but problem has not been selfed that is securityization of mortgages and now rental property, and risk that regulators don't understand. that is my fear, i want to know about risk they have in securities they hold. >> new thing is securityation of rental propertys that is new trend on wall street all
11:51 pm
forecloseed property, they are bundleing them and trading them as security. neil: i am thinking of pizza hut. how angry i am. >> that sounds good. neil: thank you very much, chuck schumer and the phantom of the opera, we connection, let's say, you're going to want to cry. [ chilen yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edwa jones. this is shirley eaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirle] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ malennouncer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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neil: what is deal with liberals who love to hike taxes but when their own constituentients are in trouble they offer tax breaks, chuck schumer, why not for all tax payers. bill on facebook suggestions i should not hold my breath. and neil, it is in their dna .
11:55 pm
it has been there from the start that liberals are all for giving money and taking money, liberal logic. they only care about themselves what makes them look good, taxpayers who pay for it. on student takes to twiter to hail against first lady healthy school lunch program, they had it, they are not eating it, i looked at it, i would not touch it, i say that is what the first lead should serve at state dinners, carl writes i don't care who the first lady is or if i like her or not, she should not have any say in what people are allowed to eat, tammy, neil there is more food with jenny craig, jody that is not enough food for our little stphouzer, and even she would not eat something so appetizing, how
11:56 pm
about you folks without kids pay more taxes does that get you rhymeed up, greg, i pay enough in school levees for other schoolkids give this 66-year-old a break. we pay property taxes, sale taxes, income taxes, you get child deduction on your income taxes not us, having children was your choice or an act of stupidy we should note have to pay for your choice or stipe edty. -- stud stupiditty. >> why should i have to fun another cavuto. >> financial factor, still plugging. >> bob said, i pay for my, you pay for yours, just three weeks ago my wife and i decide to switch to you and lou dobbs from greta and ao'reilly, after after
11:57 pm
your tirade, we need to stay with dobbs, but go back to the factor, it was a joke, i was use z these plans to illustrate how crazy government had become to pick up cash anywhere they can find it from anyone they and get it but to comment go to factor. be warned, he is on a tirade every day. he hates everyone. bill in sarasota. every kid and every wife is a tax deduction that widthles ki*s less and wifeless do not enjoy but they have a better mental state. love your show, what the deal neil is most fun of all. sunny, neil, you are a lot smarter than you look.
11:58 pm
really? paul, neil, i watch our show for articles. every time i feel like a fat irk loser who just babbles to yourself, i look at tv, and see you anything i can do. bob great show, you give all of your guests time to express their opinions without interis interruption except when necessary. a informative and entertaining hour. to me, broadcasting at its best. there is more. you are essence of desensey and very embody amment of sound journalism and mind. you are so full of yourself, you insert your opinion where it does not matter, and you won't shut the hell up with guests into do matter, you are ugly,
11:59 pm
snide and you wear suits that look like they were pieceed together like the ring geiling brother -- ringling brothers. ps you are fat too. hal, is this the same hal of open the pod bay door fame hal. >> open the pod bay doors hal. >> i'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that. neil: now i am, still angry 2001 space odyssey movie was highlight of your pathetic life, and have not done anything since, a pity. go ahead keep the pod bay door closes, hal. forget about what other anchors think of me, you should hear what other e-mailers think of you, hal, you should go to hell,
12:00 am
hal, i should block you from my server, hal, and i will, server, pod server door . kennedy: i am so sick to death i could spit. phony outrage and people making excuses for other people. hank aaron ruffles feather when he compares republicans to kkk members. he doesn't know any better! and the woman in phoenix who left kids in a hot car during a job interview. everyone wants to make excuses for her as well. she's homeless, she's broke. what if she were only five minutes away from killing that baby? and brandeis university, indian giving honorary degree to a muslim, after arranged


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